Question - you’re out for a meal with mates. What do you talk about?
Friends, family...
...celebs, gossip...
...TV, films, holidays...
...property prices, jobs...
...politics, business...
Hold it right there! You’re now at some social event. Do you want to talk to A) the guy who manufactures widgets or...
...B) the TV, film and all-round media player / producer / director?
...B) obvs!
Correct answer, but why B?
Not a lot happens in widget world but the media is constantly changing so there’s always something new
Good answer. Do you fancy yourself as a media player?
Glamour, excitement - what’s not to like?
Could you run a media startup?
No problem!
Want to direct eZAP.tv towards its goal of becoming a major entertainment brand for mobile?
As they say on Dragons’ Den, albeit not that often : ’I’m in!’

Want to go up against the likes of Quibi?
Never heard of it
Just launched


FFS! Have you seen who’s running it?
Only Jeffrey Katzenberg, former top suit at Disney and...
...Meg Whitman, former CEO of eBay
Only! Two multi- millionaire media / tech moguls! Only?
Calm down, calm down! Here’s mighty Meg and the Katz giving the heads-up and...

...here’s more.

Still wanna play?
What have I got to lose?
Absolutely nothing.
What’s in it for me?
Initially, pure entertainment, like playing a computer game. Further down the road, if we get traction, we’re going to need to raise some finance so at that point the participating players will get first refusal on buying shares.
But no obligation, right?
None whatsoever. Note that Quibi raised $1 BILLION in start-up funding so if, after the first round, we want to make a big bet we may need to talk to the venture capitalists.
Noted. Let’s play. What now?
Check out eZAP.tv, our media property.

Done. I think I see where we’re going.
Got WhatsApp?
Give us your mobile number, we’ll hook you up to the eZAP.me group page and you can ’join the conversation’, as they say.
What input do you want?
Info, analysis, advice, ideas, opinions, observations - e.g. emerging trends, changing demographics, ideas for new channels, reasons for dropping existing channels, suggestions for changes in content. In short, anything that could help eZAP.tv move forward.
Got it! I’m on it.
We look forward to receiving your input in due course.

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