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21 February
CARS - CarWow finds the best new car prices from UK dealers   eZAP.it New Cars
20 February
DELIVERIES - Etefy delivers groceries in London 24/7   eZAP.it groceries delivery
18 February
PHARMACY - new online pharmacy PillTime offers free service for repeat prescriptions   eZAP.it Pharmacies
15 February
E TRIKE - Grant Sinclair has developed the IRIS eTrike (an eBike with 3 wheels), available to purchase with £99 deposit, estimated delivery Q4 2017   IRIS eTrike
14 February
BEAUTY - Play Skin hydrogel beauty mask is activated micro-currents from a smartphone   Play Skin
13 February
DELIVERY - Bloom & Wild delivers flowers through the letterbox   Bloom & Wild
13 February
FLOWERS - UK flower delivery firms at eZAP.it   eZAP.it Flowers
10 February
ENERGY - Myia uses AI to provide switching advice for UK energy consumers   Myia
8 February
HEALTH - UK service Doctaly provides a local doctor "when you need one"   Doctaly
7 February
INSURANCE - Trov offers on demand insurance cover for electronics with more items coming soon   Trov
4 February
SMARTER SHOPPING - Ubamarket app arranges items on a shopping list into the order they are located in the store   Ubamarket
3 February
SPERM TEST - smartphone based sperm test YO launches February in the USA and April in the UK   YO
3 February
DIY - Australian home improvement group Bunnings has opened its first UK store at St Albans   Bunnings
2 February
DOG TRACKER - PitPat activity monitor tracks dog activity and fitness, the data is recorded on a mobile app   PitPat
2 February
HEALTH - Ava bracelet worn at night provides information about ovulation, fertility and health: £199 in the UK   Ava Women
1 February
MESSAGING - Slack has launched a messaging product for big companies: Slack Enterprise Grid is for organisations with many thousands of employees and compliance requirements   Slack Enterprise Grid
31 January
COBOTS - collaborative robots are part of the Connected Industrial Workforce envisaged by Accenture   Connected Industrial Workforce
31 January
EMOTIBOT - SoftBank Robotics has created Pepper to be capable of identifying human emotions   SoftBank Robotics Pepper
30 January
BROKER - online mortgage broker Trussle offers mortgage monitoring so customers can switch when better deals come along   Trussle
30 January
ROBOT REFUND - the Lily 'throw and go' drone camera will not now be shipped, refund info on the Lily website   Lily refunds
28 January
CARE BOT - Silver Mother from sen.se is a monitoring system for seniors which can be accesses from a mobile app   Silver Mother
28 January
SOCIAL BOT - SociBot, available from robots of London, is designed for interaction in public spaces and is the perfect hardware for telepresence   SociBot
28 January
SMART LUGGAGE - Raden travel cases communicate with owners via an app   Raden
28 January
MARKETPLACE - UK teens use Depop as the place to buy and sell street fashion   Depop
27 January
CANINE COMMS - PlayDate lets owners interact with their dogs remotely via an app which controls a ball which contains a camera   PlayDate
26 January
JACKETS- helped by IBM Watson The North Face is using AI to help customers find the perfect outdoor jacket based on location, season, activity etc   The North Face
26 January
HOMEWORK - Socratic app uses AI so that homework can be 'done in a snap'   Socratic
25 January
SWITCH - automated switching service for UK bank accounts at Current Account Switch   Current Account Switch
25 January
RESTAURANT - chef Chris Denney at 108 Garage taking online reservations for March   108 Garage Book
24 January
FAKE NEWS - Factmata aims to make fact-checking more automated through the use of AI   Factmata
24 January
CARS - car purchase platform HelloCar launching early 2017   HelloCar
24 January
BABY APP - Babee On Board helps pregnant mothers get a seat on public transport   Babee On Board
24 January
VR CYCLING - Arron Pusey has cycled across Britain in virtual reality   Cycle VR
23 January
WINE - Windsor Great Park sparkling wine from HM The Queen's vineyard available for pre-order from Laithwaites at £34.99 per bottle, delivery autumn 2017   Laithwaites Windsor Vineyard
18 January
FOOD & DRINK - Caprera offers consumers food and drinks from UK independents who 'mindfully source their ingredients and reject mass production'   Caprera
16 January
HUMANS VS BOT - 4 poker pros playing 120,000 hands against robot Libratus down $159,288 after 23, 340   Brains v AI
16 January
SMART MOBILE - HTC U Ultra has Sense Companion, 'the personal companion who is always learning from you, and the things you do every day'   HTC U Ultra
14 January
HEALTH - revised Babylon app out April: UK's 'best doctors, supported by the world's most advanced AI'   Babylon
14 January
ENGLISH - language app busuu has developed bespoke content for Uber to help its London drivers deliver relevant customer service   busuu
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