RJ - all eZAP.me content loaded on eZAP.tv


RC - now what?
RJ - there is a plan
JAPPAN - wtf do I now have to go to eZAP.tv to find Stylista?
RJ - a ’zapper’ is a handheld device used to operate a television set. To ’zap’ means to change channels on the TV. We have lots of channels so eZAP.tv makes more sense than eZAP.me
JAPPAN - so whats hannenin wit .me?
RJ - watch this space
JAPPAN - why .tv?
RJ - cos it’s ironic and subversive.
JAPPAN - but it’s not TV
RJ - funnily enough, that’s exactly what Jeffrey Katzenberg said
JAPPAN - who he?
RJ - former top suit at Disney and founder of Quibi


RC - please tell me we’re not going up against the Katz
RJ - and mighty Meg!

Producers Guild of America

RC - they raised $1 BILLION in start-up capital and word is they’re looking for another $500 million just for marketing
RJ - ’tis inded a big bet but just think how much Quibi will be worth if they get it right. 5 billion? 10 billion?
JAPPAN - stop press! Check out Rosamunde Pike and Chris O’Dowd in...

Rosamund Pike fanGram

...’State of the Union’!

The A.V. Club

RJ - need more info

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