JAPPAN - BBC2 show written by Nick Hornby, 100 minutes long
RJ - and?
JAPPAN - 10 ten-minute episodes!
RJ - interesting
JAPPAN - and I now quote Jonathan Dean in the Sunday Times - ’State of the Union is pioneering. Its format, aimed at commuters, means it can be viewed as one 100-minute film or in chunks. The idea has caught on, with the imminent Quibi channel full of bitesize ideas. Finally, something for people without time for a series lasting 10 hours or more’. You’re welcome!

Jonathan Dean Twitter

RJ - well spotted J. Didn’t know U R an ST reader.
JAPPAN - you’d be surprised what i read. Did you know that Marie Claire UK is ceasing print publication after 31 years but will continue online?

marie claire

RJ - saw that. Circulaion has been falling : younger readers migrating to social media.

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