GEEZERBOD - film biz ’go to’ geezer body is....Tom Hardy with tats, shaved head, bare torso, adidas trackie bottoms : on set of ’Fonzo’, handsome_teddybear msg ’Seems like he’s getting a bit to good food ;-)’

#fonzo Instagram

OH RIO, RIO - ’Moving on the floor now babe...’ (Duran Duran) : check out Rio Ferdinand floor exercise

Rio Ferdinand Instagram

CARTIER - new Santos de Cartier has new ambassador in Jake Gyllenhaal : ’For the bold ones only’

Cartier YouTube

LUCKY 13 - new Santos de Cartier watch available in 13 variations : from £5,350 in steel up to pink gold Skeleton at £54,500

Santos de Cartier Skeleton

2018 SANTOS - compared with its predecessor the Santos de Cartier 2018 watch has enlarged face, extended bezel, interchangeable strap system and comes in two sizes : medium and large
1978 SANTOS - worn by Gordon Gekko in ’Wall Street’, watch appears at 0:33

Wall Street YouTube

SANTOS REVIEW - ’Gordon Gekko Has a New Watch: The New Cartier Santos de Cartier Collection’

WatchesOnYou YouTube

NEW BIKE - motorcycle design legend Alan Clews passed away 2 May 2018 just weeks after reveal of latest CCM Spitfire : 600cc Bobber a modern classic, from £9995

CCM Spitfire Bobber

FLEET OF FURY – Tyson Fury msg ‘Motivation Saturday, Work hard & play hard, Fruits of my labour’ : tjedenway msg ‘Didn’t know you owed a petrol station!!!!’

Tyson Fury Instagram

FURY SVR - Tyson Fury Range Rover Sport SVR parked on disabled space but it don’t matter ‘cos camo means no one can see it : tomcawley94 msg ’That so you can hide from AJ ?’

Tyson Fury instagram

TYSON ROLLER - ‘That face when u buy your first Rr phantom, proud moment’ : chalongcircle msg ‘Whats it like towing your caravan?’ The ‘L’ is for ‘Luke’, btw

Tyson Fury Instagram

SUMMER MORNING - Favourbrook morning coat for summer weddings, 12 oz fabric instead of standard 15 means you stay cooler longer : casparharms msg ’Damm nice😃’

Favourbrook Instagram

SUMMER SLOGAN - black vest w/ blue ’Sun’s Out Guns Out’ slogan worn by Greg Jenko (Channing Tatum) in 2014 movie 22 Jump Street : re-visit classic street style at 1:40 on YouTube

22 Jump Street YouTube

SOGO VEST - inspired by 21 and 22 Jump Street, Sun’s Out Gun’s Out vest £18 at INCT : wear ironically or as fancy dress


BLACK VEST, BLACK JEEP - Dane Cook (comedian / actor) spotted in West Hollywood co-ordinating vest with custom Jeep Wrangler

Dane Cook Instagram

MONOCHROME - ’Graphic material. The most successful modern menswear brands see things in black and white...
...Another way of looking at monochrome graphic design in 2018 is as a contemporary take on the Hawaiian shirt. You wouldn’t want to wear it every day but it can be fun for an afternoon’ (Mark C. O’Flaherty, FT)
B&W GYM - Neil Barrett activewear from Spring Summer 2018 Gym Collection ; m_hoye msg ’Really fresh @neilbarrett 👌🏼’

Neil Barrett Instagram

B&W COAT - Neil Barrett monochrome coat from Spring Summer 2018 : neilperry msg ‘that coat tho for real 👏🏼’

Neil Barrett Instagram

B&W SKI - Neil Barrett wears one of his own designs : cantgetfkingricher msg ’God danm I should buy one when dat coat was on sale. So regret it....’

Neil Barrett Instagram

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