B&W SHIRT - Prada cotton poplin shirt, black with white graphic, button-down collar, boxy fit, mother-of-pearl buttons
Prada shirt

BROVERALLS - overalls for bros : add plaid, beard, shades and hat for authentic backcountry look

John Motley Instagram

BOSS BEARD – world class bearding from rapper / entrepreneur ’The Boss’ Rick Ross who has just bought a Bentayga for his daughter...it was her 16th birthday after all

Rick Ross Instagram

SRS SIDIE - Antonio Banderas sports serious side parting to play Pablo in ’Genius: Picasso’ biopic covering the creation of Guernica

Picasso Trailer

T&A – new from Royal Warrant shirtmaker Turnbull & Asser: ‘If you’re looking for the ideal shirt to get you from day to night with ease, look no further than our Journey Shirt’

Turnbull & Asser Instagram

11 SHIRTS - Turnbull & Asser Journey shirts : 11 luxury business shirts ‘created especially for the on-the-go gentleman’

Turnbull & Asser Journey

POLO SHIRT – ‘Loved by clean-cut types and drainpiped rebels, the sportswear favourite is back on the catwalk’ (Stephen Doig, The Telegraph)
WOLF POLO - Leonardo DiCaprio wears classic white Ralph Lauren polo in ’Wolf of Wall Street’ at 0:55

Wolf YouTube

ICONIC POLO - Polo Ralph Lauren : jessespitzer msg ’Great look!’

Polo Ralph Lauren Instagram

POLO VIDEO - Polo Ralph Lauren Spring 2018 vid : polo shirts for the season

Polo Ralph Lauren Youtube

99 POLOS - choice of 99 polos at Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren polos

ALWAYS ST TROPEZ - Vilebrequin polos, ’Our brand logo is printed on the collars of all our cotton polo shirts’

Vilebrequin Polos

GUCC POLO - Gucci Cotton Polo, black, red and white stripe detail on sleeves and placket, G patch, £525

Gucci G Polo

GUCCY? - not a typo! Gucci T shirt : ’Displayed in the graphic font of SEGA, the new Guccy logo summons the atmosphere of eighties arcades, with colorful screens, robotic sounds and coin-op machines’

Gucci Gucchy T

ARISE SIR RINGO - Ringo Starr favours black bowler for knighthood trip to The Palace whence he emerged as Sir Ringo, msg ’Another day in the life peace and love’

Ringo Starr Instagram

YELLOW SOCKS - ’...are a weakness of mine. They come from Turnbull & Asser and I have worn them for more than 30 years. I imagine I care so much about all things sartorial because my father was the worst-dressed man in the world’ (The Duke of Devonshire, Daily Mail)

Turnbull & Asser

FUM - FU Money means you can afford a FUV, not ’f*** you vehicle’ or ’fast utility vehicle but ’Ferrari Utility Vehicle’ : Prancing Horse purists horrified at hints from big boss Sergio Marchionne that Ferrari super-SUV could arrive in 2019
FERRARI TRADITIONALIST? - curb your indignation at the thought of the FUV and check out the 488 Pista : tanner_barvir11 msg ’It looks so good it’s like it’s photoshopped’

Ferrari Instagram

ALFA SUV - could the FUV look something like the Alfa Romeo Stelvio SUV? walter_bq msg ’Beautiful Alfa Romeo’

Alfa Romeo Instagram

SUV, SSUV, MSUV - forget the SUV, even the super SUV, how about the mega SUV Karlmann King? Matte black, radar-deflecting angular surfaces, bright white lights, made from carbon fibre and steel, yours for around £1,560,000 but bulletproof upgrade an optional extra

Karlmann King YouTube

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