MAKEOVER MAN - pale bespectacled 20 stone office worker Gwilym Pugh now lean bearded flame-haired international male model brand ambassador for David Beckham’s House 99 : justabe85 msg ’Nice transformation.. I really need to move my ass to the gym’

Gwilym Pugh Instagram

NEW BRAND BECKHAM - House 99 the new men’s grooming brand from David Beckham : 1999 was the year Man U won Premier League, FA Cup and Champions League treble

House 99 YouTube

TAT MOISTURISER - ’keep your tattoos looking as fresh as a daisy’ : House 99 Bold Statement Tattoo Body Moisturiser hydrates and preserves with SPF 30, ronit.k_23 msg ’Crazy products’

House 99 Instagram

BECKS @ HARVEY NICKS - House 99 by David Beckham exclusively at Harvey Nichols : Skincare, Hair, Body and Beard. House 99

House 99

FOFFA FIX - tune glutes on the Foffa Fixie : gears are for wimps

Foffa Bikes

ADD ABS - Manly app adds abs, pecs, tats and beard to your otherwise sorry selfies

YouTube Manly edit

WHEN IN ROME - Daniel Craig, in Rome for England v Italy rugby with his Dad, opts for flat cap + sunglasses : sabrina_hala msg '...très élégant monsieur Craig'

DC Official Fans Instagram

WHEN IN ICELAND - noted flat cap wearer Guy Ritchie goes for baseball cap + sunglasses in Iceland : rotexofficial msg ’Happy Birthday Sir! God bless you every time’

Guy Ritchie Instagram

BJJ vs BLOODY MARY - Brazilian Jiu Jitsu aficionado Guy Ritchie (front row, 3rd from right) gets ready for Xmas 2017 : ’Farringdon gym box Roger Gracie 11 am Sunday, more effective than a Bloody Mary’

Guy Ritchie Instagram

STATH IN SHAPE - Guy Ritchie’s old mucker Jason Statham also a big fan of staying in shape with martial arts : sonyatlais msg ’...50 years old omg what a babe’

Jason Statham Instagram

MR MONOCHROME - looking good in the badlands, Mr Statham opts for black + white : jakub_troja msg 'Cool Picture'

Jason Statham Instagram

COURCHEVELSKI - ski newbie Jeremy ’Hot Felon’ Meeks hits Courchevel (1850, the Russian sector) in Bogner

Chloe Green Instagram

VITO OOS - Bogner Vito ski jacket as worn by The Meekster, black, quilted, soft touch, breathability, zipper pockets, ’delivers a top visual performance’, £1700 but out of stock

Bogner Vito

CHRIS WHO? - Kris Wu, over 5 million Instafollowers, Chinese Canadian actor / singer / model, former member South Korean-Chinese boy band EXO: div_ergent@pavithrrra msg ’dayummm my boy be doing burberry collabs now’

Kris Wu Instavid

KRIS COLLAB - Burberry x Kris Wu Collection: Vintage Check and Leather Baseball Cap, antique yellow / black, £285

Burberry x Kris Wu Instagram

BARGAIN BURBY - Burberry x Kris Wu Collection: Vintage Check Baseball Cap, antique yellow / black but sadly no leather, £195

Burberry x Kris Wu

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