...info and interior pics on the Gruff Architects website.

Gruff Architects

LEGS 11 - ’New 🦵New🦵New🦵’ object of desire ’🦵Coming soon 🦵Stay tuned 🦵’ to Anissa Kermiche! More...

Anissa Kermiche Instagram

...objets for the home at the website.

Anissa Kermiche

SUPERMODEL - Claudia Schiffer and one of the staircases at...

Claudia Schiffer Instagram

...Coldhan Hall, her...

Claudia Schiffer Instagram

...Suffolk home. According to the Daily Mail...

Claudia Schiffer Instagram

...’The German supermodel, 50, has been granted planning permission to convert part of her Grade I-listed Tudor mansion into luxury accommodation for her pets’. Take a...

Daily Mail

...quick tour with the Architectural Digest vid.

Architectural Digest

STAIRCASE STYLE - Reena Simon says ’The lower part of the staircase has turned out even better than I had planned & imagined. I shared before that my aim for this space was to “treat a staircase as a place to pause rather than just pass through.” And it has done just that. Not only do we and others gravitate towards it, the little ladies play there & they’ve been using the landing as a stage 😂 💃🏽’

hygge_for_home Instagram

TAKE A LOOK AROUND - Dr Alex’s new flat : he’s renting while...

Dr Alex Instagram

...he plans his ’next property project’.

Dr Alex George

FORMER NICKY HILTON - now Nicky Rothschild : ’here I am sitting in my living room’. Home is...

Nicky Rothschild Instagram

...’a chic yet child-friendly New York penthouse filled with family treasures’.

Home & Ideas

PUB CONVERSION - architect Barbara Weiss shows you around...

Barbara Weiss Instagram

...her ’upside- down’ converted pub in central London.

The Modern House

SUPERHOME - pix (swipe 👉🏼) of supermodel Karen Elson’s home taken from...

Karen Elson

...’A Tale of Interiors’ by Louisa Pierce & Emily Ward. Consult...

Pierce & Ward Instagram

...the Pierce & Ward Gram for untold interior inspo.

Pierce & Ward Instagram

HOUSE TOUR - ’I Bought My First Home! 2020 House Tour 🏡’ : internet person, beauty YouTuber and make-up artist James Charles shows you around.

James Charles

EMPTY HOUSE - tour of influencer Brittany Xavier’s new home : making plans for the property.

Brittany Xavier

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