JUST - One House but plenty of ultra- modern interior inspo : new build, around 10,000 sq ft, 5 beds in Beaconsfield.

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BEFORE / AFTER - 1950s two storey London dwelling built on site of original Victorian townhouse destroyed by WWII bomb. Now a...

Build Number 10 Instagram

...6 bedder same...

Build Number 10 Instagram

...height as neighbour with...

Financial Times House & Home Instagram

...single-storey extension at rear. Transformed by...

Build Number 10 Instagram

...over-cladding facades in a brick skin. Check out the interior on the Gram. More info on...

Build Number 10 Instagram

...the House Within A House at...

Alma-nac Instagram

...the website of architects Alma-nac.


COTY 2020 - Pantone Color Of The Year is ’Classic Blue’, ’suggestive of the sky at dusk’, whereas...


...Dulux Colour Of The Year is ’Tranquil Dawn’, ’a colour inspired by the morning sky’. So, dawn or dusk? You decide!


WFH VIEW - for Korinna : ’So here we go...

isthistooyoungforme Instagram

...this is my view right now... There’s a coffee table I found on eBay a few years ago. The big pictures at the back are canvasses that I painted to cover vertical radiators that I hate’.

isthistooyoungforme Instagram

MI CASA ES TU CASA - Catherine Zeta-Jones has an interiors company called...

Catherine Zeta- Jones Instagram

...Casa Zeta-Jones, currently...

Casa Zeta-Jones Instagram

...selling bedding, pillows, and loungewear.

Casa Zeta-Jones

FRIDAY NIGHT! 😜 - Nicole Scherzinger at home...

Nicole Scherzinger Instagram

...in her stunning four-level home in the hills with spectacular panoramic views of Los Angeles, stretching from downtown to the beach.

Architectural Digest

RESTORED AND EXTENDED - lifestyler Hannah Beaumont- Laurencia outside...

Hannah Beaumont- Laurencia Instagram

...her house which was arranged as three flats (swipe right) when she bought it but which...

Hannah Beaumont- Laurencia Instagram

...has since been featured in Ideal Home magazine (swipe right).

Hannah Beaumont- Laurencia Instagram

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