Still, the consolation for dumped David is that he appears on Aftersun, can Instapost again and gets this DM from Maya - 🙌❤️ (The Silkman)
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Au contraire, my pedantic friend. Collins English Dictionary defines ’dumpee’ as ’a person who is rejected’, so it is correct to describe David as such. (Peter Perfect)
Dumpee David? Technically speaking, a ’dumpee’ is ’a person whose partner has ended their romantic relationship’ (Oxford Learner’s Dictionary). As he was not in a relationship he can’t be dumped, ergo he can’t be a ’dumpee’. (Percy Pedantic)
Director of Football Robbie Savage understands the power of publicity. Love Island will put Macclesfield on the map. Expect to see Tom Clare in a Greene King IPA ad later this year. (The Silkman)

’We wish Tom every success and look forward to welcoming him back to the Club in due course’ (Macclesfield Town FC).

First bombshell - Ellie or Tom? Girl or boy? As an equal opportunities voter I shall be basing my decision on ’best eyebrows’ (Brighton Hairdresser)

’A new series of ITV’s execrable Love Island is upon us. Can’t say I’m looking forward to it — although it’s always fun to see the latest plastic surgery trends up close’ (Sarah Vine, Daily Mail). Scroll down past the Prince Harry stuff to read.

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